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Friday Five: Overrated YA Fantasy Series (and what could make them better)

Everyone likes reading bash reviews. You do, I do, we all do. Some of us even like reading bash reviews; I have to admit I've enjoyed writing some of my more negative reviews. Here, I'd like to focus on what could have been improved in my five least favorite fantasy YA series.

I am going to be bashing a lot of favorites here. I am so, so sorry.

1. Ember in the Ashes by Sabaa Tahir
Oh god, this book is the definition of wasted potential. There is A LOT that's good here. I firmly believe Tahir has the talent to write some truly amazing fantasy. Unfortunately, it utilizes almost all of my least favorite YA tropes. 

My issues here were surrounding the characters and the romance. I freaking hate Elias and Laia. They're both so stupidly naive. Their idealism is unbelievable in the world they live in. I wanted more brutal protagonists. I even could've handled a lack of dimension if these characters weren't so obnoxiously idealistic. 

In terms of romance, I don't see th…

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