Review: No Good Deed by Goldy Moldavsky

“You going to paint me like one of your French girls?”
“How do you know about my French girls?”
I have never laughed like this at a book before. 

There's something about the way Goldy Moldavsky writes parody novels. It never feels like she's making fun of boy band fangirls or people who fight for social justice, even when she writes parodies. In fact, her two parodies so far have sent a positive message about their respective groups. Part of her positive message comes from the fact that she writes from the point of view of an actual character inside that sect of people. Her parodies feel like loving fun rather than fitting into the “lmao, those sjws” type of humor. That's what sets them apart. 

In No Good Deed, Moldavsky managed to poke fun at the more toxic elements of mainstream social justice culture... while also endorsing the social justice movement. Which is quite an achievement, honestly. She pokes fun at the way racism pops up in the movement. And her parody of the men's rights movement is perfect. 

But this is a poignant story too, with good characters and a great message. Ashley is a sweet character, and while she's a bit out there, she also comes off as very human. And Moldavsky really points out the importance of the social justice movement, which I was exceptionally pleased about. 

Basically my only issue was the book's weird pacing. This book transitions well from funny to poignant. However, there are thirty-page sections where nothing funny happens and then thirty-page sections where it's a laugh a minute. The pacing is just a bit messy.

However, this book is absolutely redeemed by how fucking hilarious it is. The humor might not work for everyone, but it sure works for me. 
“I'm Poe.”
“Like Kung Fu Panda?”
“Like Edgar Allan.”

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